Order of Teaching Quadratics?

Almost every year I spend a significant amount of time thinking about the order in which I teach Quadratics in my Algebra 1 class.  I break down the topic of quadratics into 3 specific topics/standards: 1) Multiplying/Factoring    2) Graphing    3) Solving Quadratic Equations.  The order in which I listed them above is also the order in which I presented them this year, but in past years I have started with graphing and then  hopped back and for between the other two.  Last night, while I was laying in bed not being able to fall asleep, I found myself debating this topic to myself.

As I have mentioned before, I teach in a K-8 district and I am the only Algebra 1 teacher.  This make the idea of discussing it with another teacher sort of a challenge.  In the past year or so I have realized that social media is an integral part of how I develop as a teacher.  Thus I am throwing this out to any reader to comment back to me with your ideas, share it will your colleagues, and give me some much needed insight!

Last year I had the honor of being chosen as a Desmos Fellow, which BTW is accepting applications for its 2nd Cohort, and I have posed the same question to them.  I have always been of the philosophy that the best teachers use other teachers as resources….so that is why I am reaching out to you.

Thanks in advance!!!


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