Desmos Sliders…not the little sandwiches

To me, one of the most underrated tools on are the sliders.  Sliders give the ability to make things move, including a function. (Check this link out to learn more about SLIDERS)   There a couple of reasons I think sliders are so important and useful:

  1. Students love to see things move!  Usually the first time I use Desmos in graph I show students a really cool graph I made a couple of years ago.  It has a bunch of moving parts and really gets the students to “buy-in” to using Desmos.  Check out  MY GRAPH.
  2. I don’t have to tell students what the parts of an equation mean anymore.  By putting sliders in for the different parts of an equation, students can explore for themselves how each part of a function affects the graph. (see below for examples)
  3. It makes me a more efficient teacher.  It seems like every couple of year we have a change in our standards, inevitably that means more standards to teach in the same amount of time.  Before Desmos and before sliders that meant doing a bunch of graphs using x/y chars and plotting them so students could make the connections.  Now, something that used to take a whole class period takes about 5 minutes.

There are so many reason I hear why people love to use Desmos in their class, but I really don’t hear people talk about he sliders that often.  For me, the sliders are a tool that makes Desmos an invaluable tool in the classroom.

Below are a list of graph I use with the students that have sliders:

Linear Equation – transformation form

Absolute Value Function – vertex form

Quadratic Function – vertex form

Exponential Function – vertex form


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