New additions to my career

The fall of this year has brought some new and exciting this into my career, which has created a spark for me and kept me on my toes.  I have started giving PDs about Desmos, I have written an article for NJEA Review (October addition), and have started co-teaching a class.  For me, change has always be a good thing.  I enjoy the new challenges that come along with change, and change always prevents me from becoming stagnant.

I have to be honest, giving my first PD was pretty intimidating.  First of all, it was for a very large school district (Prince George County Public Schools in Virginia), so not knowing how many teachers were going to choose my session caused a bit of stress.  Second of all, I have always been very critical of PD as a teacher, so I wanted to do a very good job.  I had 3 sessions, and each session I got a little bit more comfortable and go a little less stressed.  At the end of the day, I thought it was very productive, and a lot of the teachers seemed to be excited to incorporate Desmos in their classrooms.

Writing an article definitely was something out of my comfort zone.  I am a very math-minded individual, and writing was never a strength of mine.  Also, writing an article about a mathematical on-line tool presents it own challenges.  But I did my best, I wrote the article and edited it over several sittings, and I am excited to see my ideas in print for and for others to see how I use Desmos as a tool.

My principal presented the idea at the end of last school year for the other 8th grade math teacher and I to co-teach a math class.  Co-teaching is something I have never really experienced in my career.  I have had other teachers in my classroom as basic skills support, or a special education teacher, but I have never had the opportunity to co-teach with another teacher.  This is going to be a challenge because I am use to setting the tone, and leading the class at at all times.  It going to be a new thing for me to have another teacher in control, I am going to have to decide when to interject ideas and will probably have to lose a little control.  It will be a great experience, and I am looking forward to it.

A new school year, some new challenges, and a lot of growth.  I am excited for these new opportunities in my career!!