Professional Goals for New Year

Recently I have gotten overwhelmed by the amount of teaching tools that I have heard about on twitter.  I would love to incorporate all of these tools into my classroom, but I first have to investigate them, then have the courage to use them in my classroom.  I try to keep my instructional techniques current and up to date, but with 2 toddlers at home it can be a bit of a challenge getting the time and energy to investigate new techniques.  Go to conferences can also be very expensive, and out school has a limited budget for professional development.  I would love to go to more conferences, and observe other teachers using these techniques; but the time and money to do so is so limited.

The topics I am committing myself to spending more time exploring in the new year are:

  1.   Clothesline Math –
  2.   3 Act Math –
  3.   An exploring and incorporating more Open Middle –

Explore and incorporating these are part of my professional new years resolutions, I think it is important for teachers to always be looking for way to improve their craft!